Target Segment Portraits

Here at CAVU, we have created brand-specific customer segmentation profiles for a number of our internal customer databases. These profiles allow us to deep-dive into the wants and needs of our target audiences in order to target the airport add-ons they are likely to purchase.

Our tailor-made target segment portraits cover both a US and UK pool of customers, and help optimise our Marketing channels for the best growth for each brand.

This target segment portrait hub, alongside our Segment Passports, will ensure that you have all the tools and information you need to make strategic and tactical decisions around how we position our products, how we talk about them and who we talk about them to.  

How to use your Segment Passport

Your Segment Passport is your one-stop shop for all the key information you need to know about each segment for each brand.  

  • Bring them to every meeting 

  • Use your cards whenever you talk about a customer challenge or any new activity 

  • Try to align your thinking to answering a problem for a specific segment/segments 

  • As you try to align your thinking, come up with questions and answer them by thinking of an opportunity or a solution for each segment. As you go through this process you can use your passport to whittle down who you’re going to target based on whether you think there is an opportunity or a solution for that segment 

How to use your Segment Passport with your briefing  

  • Ensure you have your segment passport to hand when you start filling in your briefing form 

  • Think about your objectives and ultimately the customer problem you want to solve 

  • As you begin to think about your customer problem, you will start to think about your target audience. Whittle down who you’re going to target based on whether you think there is an opportunity or solution for that segment 

  • When populating the target audience section in your brief, ensure you use the key stats and facts from the segment passport. For example, for MAG, this will include if there is an airport preference, while for APR/PSF it will include which lots they prefer and which we can hero in our marketing 

  • Try to detail as much information as you can, listing out any key behaviour, for example knowing the segment engages with emails or knowing they engage with marketing promotions 

  • Use your target audience and the Segment Passport to help give a direction on the messaging and your reasons to believe