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Frequent Flyer

I travel often, a lot of the time this is to explore new places but also to go and visit my second home or visit family and friends. My trips last between 3-9 days and I tend to book a week to a month in advance. I like to travel to multiple destinations but also will visit the same destination on multiple occasions. I mostly travel within the US or to Mexico.  

When I travel, I go with a mix of people, I’ll either go with my family, on my own or with my friends. I like to book trips every 2-3 months and usually don’t spend huge amounts on airport services on each of my trips. I will often book parking at the airport. I am quite anxious at the airport, but this is mixed with excitement.  

frequent flyer

Marketing preferences

  • Engages with marketing  

  • Messaging to be supportive and informative 

  • Airport parking offers related to lots which are easy to use and access 

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • Preference for parking is a lot which is easy to access 

  • Travel at all points of the year but winter months are more common for travel 

  • Need more support within the airport, particularly check-in and finding their way through the airport  

Travel stories

This weekend I’m heading to Nashville for the weekend, my friends and I have booked to see a band tomorrow evening, so I’m heading out after work today.  

We’ve decided we’ll drive and park at the airport this time, my friend needs to be home for a family meal on Sunday afternoon so we’re catching a flight back Sunday morning. Pre-booking our parking lot space seemed like the best approach, given we know timings will be tight trying to make our way back to our car when we land.  

I’m excited for the trip but the airport does sometimes make me feel a bit anxious – I think it’s probably the anticipation and wanting to make sure everything goes smoothly.  

Once we’re checked-in and through security, as it’s Friday night, I think we’ll grab a couple of beers before our flight – start the weekend early!