High Business Spender

Most of my travel is for work so I spend a lot of time traveling during the week. I often travel on my own and find myself booking quite close to my travel date.  

As my trips are for work they are often only a few days long, between 4-6 days. I’ll book a new trip every 2-3 months. I don’t spend much on airport services during each of my trips and sometimes use promotions. As I often travel on my own, I’ll pre-book my parking and also book into a lounge. 

I’m excited at the airport but can feel quite worried as well. I would like more support and information on all aspects of the airport, particularly check-in. I do, however, feel quite comfortable with the security process. 

I travel mainly within the United States but on occasion will travel to other destinations such as the Caribbean.  

high business spender

Marketing preferences

  • Engages with marketing promotions 

  • Messaging to be informative and supportive 

  • Airport parking offers for lots close to the airport could be an opportunity  

  • Would likely utilise any lounge offers 

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • Preference for parking is a lot which is close to the airport 

  • Need support with airport journey processes, particularly check-in, Covid-19 procedures, facilities and wayfinding 

Travel stories

I’m away on a business trip this week, this time it’s only for a couple of days but I’m travelling down to Jamaica. Hopefully it will be a smooth and enjoyable trip.  

I’m away on my own this time so I’ve decided to drive to the airport, and I pre-booked my parking lot. I went for a valet option this time around which means it’s not far for me to walk to the airport, and when I’m home it’ll be super easy to get my car and make my way home. 

Getting through the airport should be simple enough, as I travel so often, I’m used to the security process and as I’ve only got carry-on baggage it shouldn’t take too long.