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Lavish Traveler

I like to travel during the summer months and in the winter. I prefer to travel for longer periods of time. 

I travel with my partner or with my family, we mainly take trips to destinations where we can explore new places or visit our wider family. Occasionally I will travel for health treatments, but most of the time my trips are for leisure purposes. Our favourite destinations are sometimes within the US, but sometimes further afield to Mexico and the Bahamas. 

I like to book new trips every 6- 9 months and I’ll usually have a good budget for airport services on each of my trips.   

I’m excited to travel but can feel anxious when I’m at the airport. I do feel like I have all the information I need but think some of my experiences could be better, for example with dining at the airport and when in the lounges.    

lavish traveler

Marketing preferences

  • Engages with marketing during key travel periods and also opens communications  

  • Messaging to be concise and factual  

  • Airport parking offers for lots close to the airport could be an opportunity  

  • Would likely utilise any lounge offers but needs to be assured that their experience will match their expectations  

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • Preference for parking is a lot which is easy to access and close to the airport  

  • Key travel periods are a trigger for this group 

  • Are less satisfied with their lounge, dining and in-airport shopping experience than other segments 

Travel stories

I’m so excited to be getting away for our extended trip to Mexico. I’m travelling with my husband and our wider family for a summer vacation together. This time we’re going to Tulum, none of us have been there before so it’s going to be an adventure with relaxation thrown in! The resort has everything: a kids club, a few restaurants for us to choose from and even a spa!  

As there are a few of us travelling together including our kids we’ve decided to pre-book our airport parking lot space, we wanted to make sure we were as close to the terminal as possible. As this is a big trip for the family and I, we’ve decided to book ourselves into the airport lounge – why not add that little bit of luxury!  

We’re all really excited to be travelling, we’re glad we don’t need to worry about finding food options at the airport to suit everyone as we’re going in the lounge, but we also hope it lives up to expectations.