Routine Worker

I tend to do most of my travel for work, which means for the majority of the time I’m traveling during the week.  

When I’m traveling for work this will usually be on my own or with a business partner. Sometimes I don’t book anything in advance of my travel, but when I do book, I’ll book parking and a lounge. 

I book my travel quite close to my departure date and my trips usually last between 4-6 days. I’ll often travel to the same place on multiple occasions and I don’t usually spend much on airport services. I book new trips every 2-3 months, and when I travel it's sometimes in the US but sometimes in European destinations.  

I’m usually quite excited to travel, I don’t feel anxious but I also don’t feel that happy at the airport. 

routine worker

Marketing preferences

  • Historically don’t engage with marketing 

  • Messaging to be concise and factual  

  • Airport parking offers for lots close to the airport could be an opportunity  

  • Would likely utilise any lounge offers 

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • Preference for parking is a lot close to the airport, easy to use and secure  

  • Typically are less satisfied with their airport parking experience 

  • Require more information about the initial phases of the airport journey, specifically check-in 

Travel stories

I’m back at the airport traveling for work today, this time I’m heading for a couple of meetings in Atlanta for 4 days from Tuesday to Friday. I’m meeting a couple of clients over there, meetings which I’d only managed to get booked in this week, hopefully they will prove fruitful!  

Sometimes I don’t book travel extras, but this time I’ve opted to pre-book a valet parking lot and I’ve booked myself into a lounge.  

I feel quite excited about my trip; I’ve got time to work on my presentations for my meetings in the lounge and on the flight. I just need to get through security which should be simple as I’m used to it, I’ve already navigated the check-in process so it should be easy enough from here.