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Seasonal Searcher

Usually I travel for bigger holidays during the year – Easter and Christmas being key travel dates for me – as well as during the summer months. I like to book in advance and some of our favourite destinations are other places in the US but also Canada or the Caribbean.  

I like to travel with my partner to visit new places and check in with family and friends. We usually like to make sure our trips are relaxing.  

We like to stay places for a week or just over and we tend not to spend too much on airport services on each trip as we travel multiple times during the year. I often book my travel 7-14 days in advance and will make a new travel booking every 6-12 months.  

seasonal searcher

Marketing preferences

  • Target during key holiday periods 

  • Messaging to be reassuring, including information on security and check-in  

  • Airport parking offers for lots close to the airport could be an opportunity  

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • Key holiday travel dates are triggers for this group 

  • Need more support with reassurance and informational messaging about airport security and check-in procedures 

  • Preference for parking is a lot close to the airport, easy to use and secure  

Travel stories

My partner and I love our vacations, we try to get away at Easter and at Christmas but also really enjoy a summer trip. This time round we’re off on our Christmas getaway to the Caribbean, this time to Barbados, somewhere we haven’t visited before – hopefully we’ll get some good sunshine and a large dose of vitamin D.  

We know Christmas is a busy travel time so we pre-booked about 6 months to a year ahead. We sorted our travel extras a couple of weeks ago. As we usually have a few bags for our longer trips, we like to have a spot as close to the airport as possible, so we’ve pre-booked to make sure we don’t end up walking too far. 

At the airport, we navigated our way through the check-in process and through security – I often check the process and policies online before we arrive at the airport, to make sure we haven’t missed anything. Once we got through, we grabbed a beer and a large glass of red and officially kicked off our vacation – relaxation here we come!