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Annual Recliner

I prefer to go away in the summer months; this tends to be every year and often with my partner or my family. My holidays are usually relaxing, although I like to explore the area I’m in.  

I tend to book to travel every 2-6 months and I’m keen on travelling to lots of different places, though these are often closer to home and less far-flung destinations. Some of my favourite countries to visit include Spain, Greece and Portugal.   

I like to go on holiday for a week or two weeks. In terms of booking my airport services, I’ll usually book about a week to a month in advance of my trip. I’ll often travel to the airport by car, so parking is a must for me.  

Annual Recliner

Marketing preferences

  • Target Manchester and Stansted as the main airport preference; however, we do have a higher proportion of EMA travellers in this segment 

  • Use informative messaging for this segment, include all relevant information

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • This segment tends to feel happy and excited when they’re at the airport. They enjoy travelling around the airport and often find their airport experience to be okay 

  • They are more likely to need assistance during the airport journey process. Guides and information such as the Terminal Guide will be useful for this group 

  • Parking preferences are close to the airport due to ease of access  

Travel stories

Getting ready for our holiday isn’t stressful for me and my partner, and there’s no last-minute rush. We just double check we’ve got our passports, grab our suitcases (we’re going for two weeks this time so have check-in luggage) and head off to Manchester Airport in the car.  

I make sure I’ve checked that there’s no traffic on the M56, and always pre-book our parking space in a car park close to the terminal, so we can drive there in our own time, park up and walk to the check-in desks.  

We normally travel to Portugal but thought we’d try Almeria in Spain this year: it’s somewhere we can relax but do a bit of exploring if we want a change from sitting on the beach.  

We both enjoy being at the airport and get excited about being able to look in a few shops and have a coffee before the flight, or maybe even a glass of wine if it’s not too early. Our holiday has definitely started the minute we get into the airport.