Eager Explorer

I like to travel earlier in the year or in the autumn time and often travel with my partner, with my family or with my friends. My trips are most often to explore new places, so usually my holidays are for leisure purposes. Some of my favourite places to visit include Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and Ireland.  

I like to book a new trip every 2-3 months and I like to travel to lots of different destinations. My average trip lasts 3-7 days and I tend to book my airport services, such as parking, one week to one month in advance of my trip.  

Usually, I’ll travel to the airport by car or by train and most of the time I’m excited and happy to be at the airport.  

Eager Explorer

Marketing preferences

  • Target Stansted as the main airport preference for departure 

  • Use informative messaging focused on airport facilities and check-in 

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • This group will choose parking based on proximity to the airport, ease of access and security. Sometimes they will also choose to travel to the airport by train 

  • This segment is usually excited and happy to be at the airport 

  • They don’t like dining at the airport but do enjoy shopping so airport guides and terminal guides will be useful 

Travel stories

I’ve been excited about this trip for ages. I’m travelling to Lisbon for four nights with three of my friends. We booked it a couple of months ago and we’ve never been before so are really looking forward to discovering a new place together.  

I’m especially excited about exploring the Bairro Alto area and travelling out to Sintra. Hopefully because we’re travelling in October it won’t be too hot to do lots of walking around. 

We’re flying from Stansted Airport; I’m getting there by train with one friend, and we’re meeting the other two there. They are travelling by car and booked a space last week. As we’re not going for long I’m just taking hand luggage. 

Once we’ve met at the airport and have checked in, we’ll do a bit of shopping. I’ve got my eye on some new sunglasses from Duty Free. We’ll probably get a drink or two as well, though we won’t eat. I like being at the airport – it always feels like my holiday has started as soon as I get there. I just hope we can get seats together on the flight!