Indifferent Worker

I travel throughout the year for business purposes and sometimes this can mean I’m travelling every month. My travel can be solo, but I also travel for leisure and with family. Some of the destinations I travel to the most include Italy, The Netherlands and Ireland, though I don't often travel to the same place multiple times and I enjoy incorporating sports into my travel options if I can. 

I have the option to travel by car but can also travel by taxi or minibus to the airport. I can book airport services for my trips such as FastTrack quite last minute, sometimes just before I am due to travel. I often book trips every 1-3 months and my average trip lasts between 1-3 days depending on what I’m travelling for.  

Indifferent Worker

Marketing preferences

  • Target Manchester and Stansted as the main airport departure preferences 

  • Use informative messaging focusing on giving more information about security, check-in, any Covid-19 measures and wayfinding 

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • The airport experience is a trigger for this group; they find most aspects of the airport to be more stressful than other segments and don’t find much about their experience enjoyable 

  • This segment also feels more worried than other segments 

  • They will choose parking based on proximity to the airport, ease of access and security  

Travel stories

I’m travelling for work again today. I work for a B2B market research company with offices in the Netherlands and Ireland, and clients in several European cities, so I end up travelling most months.  

My business trips are usually solo, but this month I’m travelling from Manchester Airport with a new colleague to introduce her to the Dublin team. I’m hoping I can try and squeeze in a couple of rounds of golf too while I’m there. 

The company has booked my colleague and I an airport taxi this time, but usually I travel to the airport by car and try to park near the terminal for convenience. We’re only going for three nights so we don’t have much luggage – just carry on.  

I booked security FastTrack tickets for us both to try and speed up our journey through the airport. Being there makes me feel quite anxious, and I’d rather pay to get through security as quickly as possible. I’ll feel much better when I’m at the gate.