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Pre-Book Boomer

I usually go on holiday during the summer months and at Christmas time, and I often travel with my partner on a more relaxing holiday or to visit a second home. Some of our favourite destinations include Spain, the US, Greece and Turkey.  

Although my travel destinations vary across the world, I do often visit the same place on multiple occasions.   

When I travel I like to book my airport services well in advance of my trip and often book a new trip every 2-6 months. 

My destinations vary across the world, but repeat holidays are common for me.  

I typically go abroad for between 14-16 days to cater to my relaxation preference; sometimes my holidays can last longer meaning I’m able to fully unwind. My preferred airport is Manchester and I will drive to the airport. 

Pre-book Boomer

Marketing preferences

  • More information through terminal guides could benefit this group  

  • Target Manchester as the main airport preference for departure 

  • Target with airport add-ons 

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • This group has a mix of emotions at the airport, mainly happy and feeling okay 

  • They are more likely to need assistance on the best airport parking option for them. These travellers also prefer getting to the airport by car than other segments and do find this enjoyable

  • Parking preferences may vary in this segment due to driving to the airport being pleasurable for them. They may consider lots of different parking options but do prefer a premium service more than other segments  

Travel stories

My wife and I bought a second home in a small village near Alicante when we retired, and we try to visit it at least twice a year. As it’s a trip we do often, we’re very organised about it: we travel from Manchester Airport on a mid-morning flight so we don’t have to get to the airport too early. 

We enjoy driving to the airport and always book our parking in advance to get the best price and to make sure we have a spot close to the terminal. We like the Meet & Greet service as we can just turn up and someone parks for us.  

This time we’re travelling to Spain for nearly four weeks so we can really unwind. This means we’ll have more luggage, so it’s even more important that we can park near the terminal. 

Because we’re travelling in the summer holidays this time, and expect the airport to be busy, we booked FastTrack at the same time as our parking so we can avoid the queues.