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Weekend Wanderer

I prefer to travel throughout the year and to lots of different destinations, but sometimes I do visit the same place again. I don't have a set time of year for travelling; I could go away in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Usually, my travel plans include visiting family and friends and also exploring the places I visit. Spain, the US, Italy, Ireland, France and the Netherlands are some of my favourite destinations. 

My trips usually last between 2-6 days. I’ll often book my airport services a week to a month in advance of my trip. I book new trips every 2-6 months.  

Most of the time I drive to and from the airport, but on occasion I will use another means of transport.  

Weekend Wanderer

Marketing preferences

  • Target Stansted as the main departure airport 

  • Use informative messaging focusing on security, check-in and wayfinding in the terminal 

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • This group needs advice and support on security, check-in and other aspects of the airport journey 

  • They find travelling around the terminal less stressful than other segments 

  • Their parking preference is a space close to the airport, ease of access and security  

Travel stories

I don’t really have a travel routine. I don’t have a favourite destination or time of year to take a trip,  but tend just to book short trips when I feel like getting away.  

This time I’m travelling from Stansted Airport to Paris for three nights to visit a few friends who live there. I’ve never been in the autumn and am hoping it won’t be as busy as it was when I visited last summer. I want to do some exploring and it’s much easier when you aren’t competing with crowds of tourists. 

I’m driving to the airport this time, though sometimes I use the train. I booked my parking a week ago and tried to make sure I got a spot close to the airport so that I can just jump off the flight and head straight for my car, then home, when I get back.  

I don’t mind being at the airport – I don’t find it stressful, though I do find the airport layout a bit confusing. Even though I travel from there quite often, I always find myself a bit lost at security.