Target Segment Portraits: PSF

ParkSleepFly is the largest online airport hotel & parking package aggregator, with over 700 hotels at major airports. Since its launch in 2002, it has booked more than 2 million reservations, generating over $450 million of revenue for hotel partners. 

We have five target segment portraits within APR: 

  • Early-Bird Booker (16% of marketable base) 

  • Habitual Holidayer (37% of marketable base) 

  • Tardy Nine-to-Fiver (19% of marketable base) 

  • Extravagant Explorer (3% of marketable base)  

  • Coupon Chaser (25% of marketable base)  

The total size of the base is over 1.5m users. The largest segment within the base are the Habitual Holidayers and the smallest segment are the Extravagant Explorers.

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Early-Bird Booker
Habitual Holidayer
Tardy Nine-To-Fiver
Extravagant Explorer
Coupon Chaser

Early-Bird Booker

PSF early bird booker

I usually go on vacation during peak travel times, Easter, the summer months and at Christmas. I often travel with my partner on a more relaxing holiday or to explore new places. I book my travel well in advance of my trip and will book a new trip every 6-12 months. 

When I travel, I travel mainly within the US but sometimes I’ll head over to Mexico. I like to stay for a week or just over. I try to spend less on my airport services as we like to go on multiple holidays in a year.  

We sometimes like to book additional services like parking and lounges but we don’t always do this. When we do travel, at the airport I can sometimes feel a bit anxious but this is mixed in with excitement too.  

early bird booker

Marketing preferences

  • Engages with marketing - target with relevant offers during key holiday moments during the year 

  • Would like more information on check-in and the facilities 

  • Will choose parking based on proximity to the airport and ease of access 

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • Need more information on check-in and the facilities in airports 

  • This group has a mix of emotions at the airport, mainly anxious and excited 

  • This group find dining at the airport, and also travelling around the terminal, to be quite pleasurable. They don’t seem to think finding their car park is stressful but don’t particularly enjoy parking at the airport 

Travel stories

We’re heading off on our summer family vacation to Cancun, we’ve been planning our trip for nearly a year now as our extended family will be joining us. The trip is for two weeks, so as you can imagine we’ve got a lot of luggage to organise between us all! 

We opted to pre-book our parking lot this time around; this is so we could choose the same parking lot as we’d planned on arriving and walking in together. That means I can help my sister and her family, as their kids are much younger than ours.  

We know check-in can be challenging with a larger group but once that’s sorted we’ll be well on our way. I checked beforehand that I knew what facilities were at the airport and which restaurants were closest to the baby changing area, hopefully it will make life easier for my sister and her husband! 

We’re planning on grabbing a quick meal at the airport and then straight onto the plane, we’re due to land in Cancun at about 4pm so hopefully we can have a bigger meal at the resort when we get there.