Coupon Chaser

I often travel during Easter and at Christmas. My trips last between 4-14 days. I travel for lots of different reasons, to visit family and friends, and to relax. I like to travel with a mix of people including my friends and family, or on my own. Often we go to the same place; we go to destinations within the US but also to Mexico and The Bahamas.   

I book my travel extras about a month in advance and will make multiple bookings over the course of a year, usually every 3-6 months. I like to be savvy with my travel bookings and use promotions where possible. I like to make sure I open and read any emails I receive to see if I can use any promotions which might be included.  

I can have a mix of emotions when I’m at the airport but I’m mainly excited. I don’t particularly find shopping at the airport to be very pleasurable. 

coupon chaser

Marketing preferences

  • Engaged with marketing and will use promotions 

  • Messaging to be factual and supportive  

  • Tend to only book parking but opportunity to increase lounge sales via promotional activity. Opportunity to encourage in-airport shopping with discounts and messaging 

  • Prefer airport parking to be close to the airport, easy to use and secure  

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • Need more information on the facilities within the airport and check-in 

  • Parking preference is based on proximity to the airport, ease of access and security of the lot  

  • Don’t particularly enjoy shopping at the airport but do find travelling around the terminal to be quite a pleasurable experience

Travel stories

My husband and I are heading away with our two children to visit our family in Portland. As there is a few of us (us two and the three kids), we’ve tried to book travel using coupons and make sure we use them for our airport parking. A lot of the time, as I’m signed up to the emails, I’ll find a coupon I can use which saves us a fair few bucks.  

Our parking lot is close enough to the airport, we felt happy to walk a little bit but not too much with the kids, luggage, and the pushchair.  

We’re anticipating quite a tense trip through the airport, with children there is always a little bit of pressure but we’re hoping they will be good until we get into the terminal. We’ll then grab a quick and easy meal before boarding our flight.  

The flight is only a couple of hours, and I brought their iPads to keep them entertained! My husband and I might have a small drink on the plane, but we’ll have to see how the kids are behaving!