Extravagant Explorer

My trips can last anything from 7-14 days or can be shorter, between 1-3 days. I usually spend more on airport services like parking and lounges. I often travel throughout the year but tend to go away during the last few months of the year. 

Sometimes I book my travel extras quite close to my travel date, but this can range from one month in advance to a week. I’ll book a new trip every 2-3 months. 

I like to travel with my partner; our trips mainly revolve around exploring new places or visiting our family and friends. Past destinations include locations within the US, but also Europe, and more exotic locations like Belize. 

I often book parking at the airport and will also book a lounge. I feel quite anxious and worried at the airport. I enjoy the shopping and also being in the lounges.  

extravagant explorer

Marketing preferences

  • Engaged with marketing, particularly during key holiday moments, and will open emails 

  • Enjoy airport shopping and the lounges; they will book lounges as well as car parking 

  • Will choose parking based on proximity to the airport, ease of access  

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • Need support with airport check-in processes  

  • Prefer parking to be close to the airport and easy to use 

  • More likely than other segments to feel anxious and worried at the airport 

  • Find locating their car park and parking at the airport to be stressful

Travel stories

My husband and I are heading away to Belize this afternoon. It’s a destination we’ve always both wanted to visit, and we’ve been planning this trip for months. As it’s such a unique location, we have booked ourselves into a lovely resort and we’ve planned some day trips to make the most of the area! 

To start our trip well we’ve decided to pre-book our parking lot and we’re planning on heading to the lounge. We know the food and drinks are always fantastic and we don’t want the stress of having to find a restaurant in the terminal.  

We will drop our car off at the valet parking, it makes life so much easier when you return from a trip – your car is ready to go basically and there’s no need to walk to it!