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Habitual Holidayer

My holidays often revolve around exploring new places, visiting my family and friends and trying to relax. I often travel for key holiday events, like Christmas, New Year and Easter. My holidays can last anything from a week to two weeks or just over.  

I travel with my partner, our favourite places to go are within the US, Mexico and The Bahamas. We often book a new trip every 12 months. We don’t often spend huge amounts on our airport services and would look to use promotions during the times we tend to travel.  

At the airport we will book parking but it’s important that the lot is close to the airport and easy to access. I feel happy at the airport but this can be mixed with other emotions too, like feeling unsure. 

habitual holidayer

Marketing preferences

  • Will choose parking based on proximity to the airport and ease of access 

  • Will travel during the early months of the year and at Christmas 

  • Parking offers during holiday entry times when this segment is most likely to engage 

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • Find parking at the airport to be less stressful than other segments but don’t enjoy their lounge experience and dining at the airport  

  • Require information about security at the airport and check-in significantly more than other segments 

  • More likely than other segments to feel ok but also happy and slightly anxious

Travel stories

We’re off to a new destination today – The Bahamas! I’m heading out with my partner and our two best friends; my partner knows Marco from college, and I’ve become friends with his wife Celina. It’s our New Year trip and we’re there for a week to celebrate! 

We’re planning to arrive at the airport 3 hours early, we’ve pre-booked our parking spot, we’ve chosen a lot close to the airport but it’s also not too expensive as we managed to find a coupon. 

Once we’re through check-in and security we’ll probably grab a few celebratory drinks and get ready for our flight. We’re all really excited for the trip!