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Tardy Nine-to-Fiver

The main reason I travel is for work. When I do travel for work I’ll usually travel on my own. My trips don’t last that long, I’m only usually away for a week or less. 

I tend to book my travel extras quite last minute, often about a week in advance of my travel date. I travel throughout the year so I’m making multiple bookings. A lot of my travel occurs at the start of the year and also in autumn.  

My trips often take me to the same destinations within the US but also to Mexico or the Dominican Republic. I feel excited at the airport but can feel quite anxious too, I find dining at the airport to be a pleasurable experience. 

tardy 9 to 5er

Marketing preferences

  • Not currently engaged with marketing 

  • Will choose parking based on the security of the car park, proximity to the airport and ease of access  

Triggers, needs and barriers

  • A mix of emotions at the airport, predominantly excited and anxious 

  • Find parking at the airport, traveling around the terminal and airport security to be quite stressful  

  • Aren’t engaged with marketing but will book parking and occasionally lounges, potentially need to ensure cross-sell opportunities or bundling with the right messaging when they’re booking  

  • Need more information on check-in, Covid-19, wayfinding and the facilities at the airport 

Travel stories

I’m traveling for work today; I’ll be away for an evening in Dallas to see a business partner who I’ve not managed to meet for some time. He let me know he’d be available last week, so this is a last-minute trip. 

I managed to find a parking lot which still had availability last night, I’m glad I managed to pre-book as I wanted a lot that was close to the airport but also quite secure as I’ve just picked up my new car.  

I’m hoping if the parking aspect is smooth, the rest of the journey through the airport will be too. I usually find airports quite stressful but I’m hoping my preparation will help to make it as smooth as possible. 

I’m hoping to pick up a new book to read when I’m in the terminal, the flight is about 2 hours, so I’ll check my emails and then try to relax.