About us

We’re on a mission to make travel more seamless and enjoyable. Creating better experiences for passengers all over the world.

Our Heritage

Grounded in Aviation. Inspired by possibility.

Founded by MAG (Manchester Airports Group) and backed by over 80 years of aviation expertise, we understand the modern passenger like no other. This means we’re able to help our clients – from small regional airports to international travel hubs – tackle their challenges head on and create the best travel experiences possible.

Our name

Our name is taken from the aviation, meteorology term, ‘Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited’, which designates the perfect flying condition, where the ceiling is more than 10,000ft and the visibility is more than ten miles.

What we stand for

More than just a name. It's our mindset.

CAVU represents all that we stand for. Our proud aviation heritage, our drive to push boundaries, and the very essence of what we do: creating seamless, enjoyable travel experiences for airport passengers.

Stand For Visual

“We saw 250k sessions and 32% conversion rates. I am so glad we took the step to do the deal to bring the teams together a few years ago.”


Conversion rates

MR Resize
Martin Ryan
Executive General Manager Brisbane Airport Corporation
People first, results will follow

Insight led in everything we do, meet a selection of the team

Barry Clarke
Head of UX
Heidi 2
Heidi Stancliffe
Head of Product (Experiences)
Lee Smith Profile
Lee Smith
Chief Technology Officer
Kevin Shrier Profile
Kevin Shrier
Chief Experiences Officer
Martin New
Martin Jones
Mathilde Burtin-Bell
Head of Commercial Services (AMER)
Nicole Javell
Head of Delivery (Experiences)
Nolan Hough Profile
Nolan Hough
Chief Growth Officer
Simon Butterworth Profile
Simon Butterworth
Chief Customer Officer