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Passenger Experiences

More choice for the passenger, more value for you

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Award-winning lounges
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FastTrack security
Luxury airport experiences
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Private workspaces
Innovative food & beverage concepts
In-airport products

Carefully designed to offer more choice and improve the travel experience for customers, and in turn, help you extract more value from the passenger journey

Whatever the space available, we work with you to profile your passenger mix and devise the optimum in-airport products and services to help you deliver a better experience.

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The best passenger experiences start here

Award-Winning Lounges

Our portfolio of airport lounge brands provide passengers with a premium experience away from the main terminal.

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Luxury Airport Experiences

Featuring our flagship Private Terminal, aether, this is our range of high-end, passenger products. Offering the best for those who demand more.

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FastTrack Security

Purpose-built for passengers who have places to be, our FastTrack security concepts are an effortless way to get through security.

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Food & Beverage Concepts

In the dynamic and rapidly evolving airport environment, our concepts are crafted to adapt seamlessly to shifts in customer behaviour and preferences.


Private Workspaces

Our technology equipped private workspaces give your passengers everything they need to focus and get work done on the go.

Our lounge network

Introducing Escape Lounges. Airport lounges with a difference

Leading customer-rated lounges across the US, UK and beyond. Escape Lounges are more than just a space away from the main terminal, but a unique and tasteful representation of the local area.

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"Working in partnership with CAVU in Terminal 3 is a dream. The team are so accommodating and ensure that our eligible guests receive the best possible service in the Escape Lounge product. The lounge team realise the value of these guests and go out of their way to make them feel special. The food and drink offering is great and is regularly changing to keep the experience fresh for our regular customers. I look forward to continuing to grow the partnership between British Airways and CAVU"

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James Birch
British Airways Airport Manager – MAN, JER & NCL
About us

With 80 years of aviation expertise (and counting), we understand the modern passenger like no other.

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