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Together we Can Reach New Heights
Together we are CAVU

The focal point of our organisation, our name is taken from the aviation, meteorology term, ‘Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited’ (CAVU), which designates the perfect flying conditions where the ceiling is more than 10,000ft and the visibility is more than ten miles.

More than just a name, CAVU is our mindset. Are you interested in reaching new heights?

Scroll down to view our current opportunities across the UK and US.

Our culture

More than just a name, CAVU is our mindset. It represents all that we stand for. Our proud aviation heritage, our drive to push boundaries, and the very essence of what we do: creating seamless, enjoyable travel experiences for airport passengers. 

We have a global team with two HQs in Manchester, UK and Chicago, US. Hear from them on what it’s like being a part of the CAVU family.

Belonging at CAVU

When people feel like they belong, they experience meaning, life satisfaction, physical health and psychological safety.

For most people, work forms the second most important social system in their lives and therefore belonging at work needs to be a focus for us all to support wellbeing, performance and development.

We want to encourage our people to make sure their health and wellbeing remain a focus, we provide a calendar of events whether you work in the office or at home, such as yoga classes, monthly walks and mindfulness workshops – there is something for everyone to access.

Here at CAVU, we want all colleagues to feel like they belong – from the moment they start and throughout their journey with us.

Our values

Our values are our DNA. They've been co-created by our people and are at the heart of everything we do. Plans may change, but our values do not. They are our guiding principles and should be reflected in all beliefs, decisions and actions.

People first, results will follow
Find a better way
See, act, own
All as one

People first, results will follow

Without passengers, we don’t exist. Without each other, we fail. Be it our clients, our partners, or our people; we focus on building relationships, not finding short-cuts.   

By prioritising the needs of those we serve, everything else will follow.  

Our brands

We own and manage a global network of consumer brands which are all a part of the CAVU family.

Current opportunities



Currently we do not have any job opportunities available. Come back in the future for updates.